07 May 2008

Unified Useful Idiot Theory. Confirmed.

(UPDATE 12MAY08: Welcome Stand Firm readers! I need to take a moment to say that the person who covered the Rachel Corrie story, and has truly kept up with it, is Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. He deserves the investigative credit. All I did here was connect the dots with our Presiding Bishop.)

Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church (tm), writes about her recent trip to the Holy Land. And the first thing she mentions is this:

I was in the Holy Land during this last Holy Week. When we were there, by chance we met Cindy and Craig Corrie, whose daughter Rachel was killed by a bulldozer in Gaza five years ago.

She was protesting the Israeli government's destruction of a Palestinian home.

And who is this Rachel Corrie, you may ask?

This, is Rachel Corrie:

An American citizen, sporting an Islamic headscarf and burning an American flag in a rage for onlooking Palestinian children. These were taken a few days before she died. (image source unknown, via Little Green Footballs)

Rachel was a member of something called the International Solidarity Movement, a peaceful group just helping to protect some "peaceful" people. Here are a few ISM folks, holding instruments of peace in a group photo:

(image by Lionheart)

Rachel did indeed die after falling front of an Israeli Army bulldozer knocking down a Palestinian house. Why was the bulldozer there? Because the house aparrently hid the entrance to a tunnel for smuggling arms into Gaza from Egypt. Why was Rachel there? Apparently protecting the same.

And what of Rachel's parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, who +Kate met "by chance?" Their single purpose nowadays seems to be to get their daughter canonized as a Leftist saint. See this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this. And, of course, this.

+Kate met them by chance? Fat chance.

UPDATE 12MAY08: As this post is getting a lot of exposure thinks to a link from Stand Firm, I think a couple of things need to be added.

First, I think our Presiding Bishop should at least be honest about who she sees as the "good guys" in the Middle-East struggle and who she sees as the "bad guys," and not slip it in en-passant. It is clear she sees folks like Rachel Corrie as one of those "good guys," and the Israelis - and the US government - as the "bad guys." Did she "by chance" happen to run into the family of Rami Ayyad, a Palestinian Christian who was executed because he owned a Christian bookstore? Didn't think so.

Second, please do not condemn Rachel Corrie's parents for why they are doing what they are doing - pray for them. They are trying to bring some value to their daughter's life and make some sense of their daughter's death, as any parent would struggle to do. In today's world, that is very hard. In the past, people could turn to their Faith for strength and answers. But Faith, especially current American "progressive" Christian Faiths, does not provide answers or a safe harbor anymore - they provide "space," "the ability to question," "an invitation to dialogue," etc., ad nausium. Say what you want about Evangalicals, or Roman Catholics, or Mormons - or even Islam - at least they provide answers to hard questions. Which is why, IMHO, they are growing.

And last, but certianly not least, pray for the soul of Rachel.


TLF+ said...

Good investigative work! Thanks for exposing this sick stuff.

Right up there with the abominable waste of church resources on lawsuits is the unimaginable travel budget for this PB to go around shilling for every leftist leader and cause on the planet.

wildiris said...

Contrary to the story put out by her Palestinian handlers, all of the physical evidence points to her falling under the Cat as it was backing up. She was then "rolled" between the Cat's belly pan and the dirt/rock road underneath. How she might have gotten under the Cat as it was backing up is anyone's conjecture. She was not crushed, nor was she hit by either the Cat's tracks or blade. She survived for awhile after the accident. But instead of taking her to an Israeli hospital, where she might have survived, her handlers took her to a Palestinean hospital, where she died.

I believe the Cat in question was a D10. Years ago, I used to operate a D7. That's why I got interested in the Rachel Corrie story and took some time to investigate it.