28 June 2010

The Brady Bunch Has Been Cancelled!

The Supreme Court says Second Amendment to the United States Constitution DOES APPLY to the States via the Fourteenth Amendment.

UPDATE: The Brady Bunch spins. Having just lost the war, they claim to be redoubling their efforts to win battles. Bit late guys. No one ever asked for the Supremes gave the 2A a blank check. So to claim 'victory' here because SCOTUS said it - like all Rights protected by the Constitution and the 14th Amendment - isn't absolute, is REALLY grasping at straws (or barrels...). All we want is for the Second Amendment to be treated as a fundamental right - like freedom of speech, the press, religion, search and seizure, privacy, etc. - as applies to the Federal and State governments. We just got that; you opposed it. We won. You lost. Deal with it.

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