18 June 2010

Official: Obama Plans Even Bigger Democrat Losses In 2010.

Which is the real headline behind this headline:

Official: Justice Department plans to sue over Arizona law.

Obama is once again putting his ideology before the will of the American people, just like he did with ObamaCare, the oil spill disaster, foreign policy, fiscal policy, national defense, yadda, yadda. Right after ObamaCare passed, a Republican Senator told me that a fight over immigration before the 2010 election would be the GOP's dream, as Democrats poll worse nationally on that issue than they do on almost anything else.

You would think someone with the brilliance to make Chris Matthews' leg tingle would understand that.

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James H said...

I guess I am in the Conservative minority over this. I have various concerns about the AZ law on 4th amendment grounds.

I know there has been extensive ink spilt showing how under the current jurisprudence of Reasonable suspcion, Terry Stops, etc that the law could fit.

However this is the problem. I am not sure I am a fan of a lot of conservatives and Libertarians cheering on some precedents that seem have made the 4th amendment a hollow shell.

In the end we are dealing in a area where the people come into their most daily contact with the GOVT and often that is not fun.

I am afraid a further erosion of the 4th amendment in the pursuit of the immigration(illegal) is foolhardy. THe problem is if more precdednets are made you cannot just keep it there as to that issue.

So it might be against thw will of the American people but I for one am gald these issues are going to get a good look at.

Again making the 4th amendment even more of a hollow shell than it is is in no ones long term interest