10 June 2010

Entitlement Nation.

Encouraging home ownership via the mortgage interest deduction is now a "tax entitlement", and something Obama and Team Hopenchange - desperate for cash - are looking at dumping.

So we are all on the same page here vis-a-vis Team Hopenchange thinking: When the government lets you keep your own money its an "entitlement" - no different than when government gives away your money to someone who did nothing to earn it. Okie-dokie.

If Team Hopenchange is really "seeking ways to close huge deficits", try this: Quit. Fucking. Spending.

Barry, do you really need a bunch of experts to tell you "which asses to kick" here? Because if y'all do something this stupid, the only asses that are going to get kicked are yours - at the polls.

Is there any part of the American Dream you guys don't want to kill?

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Doug Stein said...

There are Farmers and there are Locusts. The Farmers create value and store it; the Locusts consume and destroy what they haven't created.

This isn't purely a class issue. Some Locusts are found on Wall Street creating indecipherable investment vehicles with high fees that skim off significant profits whether investors profit or lose. However, the majority of Locusts are found among our fellow citizens who think they are "owed" something from someone else's labor. Once 51% of the voters are Locusts and vote Locust, the game's over. It's easier to grab what others have created than to create something yourself.

I do believe in helping your fellow citizen who has fallen on hard times, but that should be a free gift, not an enforced taking and redistribution.

The belief that *any* deduction is an expenditure assumes that everythign you earn is the government's property and you should be grateful for what they let you keep. The truth is that is is *yours* and you pay taxes on it to support spending.

It seems as if the current two major parties come in two flavors:

1) Republicans - who bribe the rich with their own money.

2) Democrats - who bribe the poor with money from the rich.

At some point the rich will move away (if they can) or "Go Galt" when they hit the point where their reward fails to compensate for increased risk. This leaves all of us poorer.