05 June 2010

Makers Versus Takers. (UPDATED)

After 18 months, it is clear there are indeed two Americas in the era of Obama. The America that makes wealth, the Makers, and the Takers, the America that takes wealth (or borrows it from the Chinese and sticks the Maker's descendants with the bill). Under Obama - a Taker all his life - the Takers are now the good guys, and claim a "right" to whatever wealth us Makers - now the bad guys - create.

Nowadays, the Takers are winning. See this and this. But what will the Takers do, especially elite Takers like Obama and Pelosi, when none of us Makers are left, or [cough] John Gault [cough] we just quit making wealth for them? Tigerhawk got it right:
"Fixing this will be the political work of the next generation".
After the Terror War ( priority number one - ed.) this should be our main focus. And hopefully we'll start the fix in the fall of 2010.

UPDATE: Maggie's Farm links to this American Thinker article, which argues this is all the application of the 'Cloward-Piven Strategy'. I'm not one to buy into paranoia and shady conspiracies, but after reading a bit of the 'Strategy' itself I think the Thinker article has a point, tactically. Besides, Lefties love working from a playbook or a manifesto or some such. Be sure to read them all.

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