16 June 2010

Mitre For Missal.

The Current Unpleasantness in the Anglican Communion seems to be getting very unpleasant indeed.

As regular readers of this blog thingy know, a few weeks ago The Episcopal Church (tm) consecrated an openly-partnered lesbian as a bishop in Los Angeles.

This is after the The Episcopal Church (tm) said it would honor the restraints asked of it in the Windsor Report, and not repeat their tension-rending stunt of 2003.

That, of course, was then. In 2009, in a doublespeak resolution that would do George Orwell proud, The Episcopal Church (tm) told the rest of the Anglican Communion to get stuffed - even as they insisted they were honoring the Windsor Report moratoria.

It took less than two months for The Episcopal Church's (tm) new way of "honoring" of the Windsor Report to be put into action, and less than six months for it to come to fruition with the election of Mary Glasspool.

As in 2003, the Archbishop of Canterbury said this was not good for the Communion, and there would be consequences. As in 2003, our Gracious Lord of Canterbury was ignored. But considering his years of inaction since 2003, The Episcopal Church (tm) - and everyone else - didn't take Rowan Williams seriously.


In his Pentecost letter this year, the Archbishop spelled out some of those consequences by tossing Episcopalians from several councils and committees of the Anglican Communion.

Kate Schori didn't like that one bit, and responded.

Lambeth Palace, which seems to have found a spine in a closet somewhere, fired back.

Oooh, this wouldn't do, so Katie took herself this week - and I presume her latest endowment balance sheets - over across the pond to restore compliant spinelessness. Instead, she was not invited to Lambeth Palace this time, and her preaching at Southwark Cathedral was hobbled by someone's insistence (gee, I wonder who...) that she should not wear her bishop's regalia or preach as a bishop. Plus, Several English clergy were not at all happy Kate was there. And to add insult to consequences, according to Kate, Lambeth Palace bitch-slapped her again by demanding she provide her orders of ordination before preaching.

This is going to get verrrrry interesting, dear readers.

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