12 June 2010

Obama Lied. Your Health Plan Died.

Even the White House knows the "you can keep your health care plan if you like it" pitch was complete bullshit:
Internal administration documents reveal that up to 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage because of ObamaCare.

Small firms will be even likelier to lose existing plans.

The "midrange estimate is that 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfathered status by the end of 2013," according to the document.

In the worst-case scenario, 69% of employers — 80% of smaller firms — would lose that status, exposing them to far more provisions under the new health law.
Welcome to "transformative" change.

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Matthew said...

Our small firm shut our firm offered health insurance down last year (We all could get better deals elsewhere). How many other small firms are going to do the same? This hits not only dry cleaners and clothing boutiques, but every attorney, architect, doctor and accountant I know.

The good news is a yellow dog Democrat accountant of my acquaintance is almost certainly voting Republican next election.