30 June 2010

Hello, GOP?? Anybody Home?

Fiddling while opportunity is knocking your goddamn door down.

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I'll say it again - the Tea Party Movement was not born simply out of frustration with the agenda of The Left / Mainstream Media, but equally from... listen closely here... the Republican Party's utter inability and indifference to effectively articulate and advocate conservative (Reagan) values!! The GOP should win - and win big - in November, but Dan is right: It will be because of disgust with Democrat arrogance and fiscal incompetence, not because of anything the GOP offers. I really thought they got the message after SRLC, but no. We need a visionary, and right now all we got pretty much are reactionary navel-gazers. (And - yuck - Ron Paul.) No time like the present for y'all to grow a pair.

UPDATE: OK, not all the GOP are candidates for Monty Python's 'Twit of the Year Contest':

Newt Gingrich is still a towering intellect and idea man, but he doesn't communicate those well enough to fire up the masses (activists, yes).

Sarah Palin is a great motivator and communicator (and really easy on the eyes...), but on the wonky end, she isn't. That's OK, but her ideas are essentially reactionary when we need pro-active. She'd be my choice for Secretary of State. (And show up in Saudi Arabia, without a headscarf...)

My governor, Bobby Jindal, is 'wonk' personified - he has shown himself to be a Mister Fix-It in any situation; he knows how to be an executive. But he is, like Gingrich, too wonky; and as his disastrous leashed-in-by-handlers State of the Union response showed, not an able motivator. He'd make a great VP.

Fred Thompson has the stones, the values and the communication skills, but, as he showed in 2008, he hasn't got the stomach for the fight.

Which leaves, in my opinion, New Jersey's Chris Christie. Christie has proven he has the values, ability, and communication skills we need. Plus he has the stomach for the fight. (Some would say he has enough stomach for rather a few fights...) He is, and this is important, a new face on the scene. Right now, putting up McConnell, etc., to defend values that they themselves won't stand up for (except during election time) is a joke.

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