09 June 2010

New BP Ad? (UPDATE: Please Read.)

A friend emailed me this. I have no idea who created it, but whoever did pretty much captured the moment down here:

UPDATE 10JUNE10: While the spoof ad above reflects our frustration over this disaster down here in Louisiana, the spoof ad would be equally effective - and equally right - if one replaced the BP logo with the Obama 'O' logo. We need to remember that BP isn't the only big player here. And it seems they are being used by the other big player, Obama - and his allies from The Left/Mainstream Media - as a scapegoat (I guess the British are learning what that Yank term "under the bus" means... -ed.) to deflect criticism of Team Hopenchange's huge ineptness in dealing with this crisis.

Remember, too, BP isn't exactly a Texas-style oil company. It appears to be on the same side of the ideological fence as Obama and his fellow travellers.


commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this! I like your blog!!

Common Cents

.....CLIFFORD said...

commoncents: don't look now, but you're famous. Well, to my tens of readers, that is.