14 September 2010

The Future Is Now!

ObamaCare Promise: Obamacare will reduce your health care costs and you can keep your plan!

ObamaCare Reality: We own you, bitches.

ObamaCare is little more than the penultimate Progressivist goal - an end-around on the limitations of the Constitution. It is a way to infringe upon your Rights without measure and centralize unlimited power in Washington, DC, all under the guise of administering our "health care". The proponents know that. To them, this is a feature - not a bug. (Sure, you'll still have a "Right" to own a gun, or criticize the President, or eat french fries. But you'll lose your health care coverage if you do...)

Ironic, isn't it, that an African-American President is the one, more than any of his predecessors, working to make us all slaves of the State.

We have the chance, dear readers, to stop Obama and the Pelosi/Reid clique on 2 November, and begin to return our nation - and your place in it - to what Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Madison had in mind. Take. That. Chance. You have nothing to lose but Obama's chains!

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