13 September 2010

"I Don't Work For The State. The State Works For Me."

Clearly, New Orleans' own Cedric Richmond really does share Obama's values:

And when he's not getting in scuffles in pool halls and avoiding the justice system, Cedric is losing his law license. But wait - there's more!

He hates the Second Amendment, too.

This is who Barry wants in Congress because he "shares our values". I guess bar fights, gaming the system to get elected and gaming the system to get free government money are Obama's "values". Is this really the best the Democrats can do??

From The American Zombie via The Hayride.

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James H said...

Ugh. If the Picayune endorses him over CAO then the paper poltiical opinion is truly worthless. I can;t imagine how they would even make the arguemnt

On another non political note but Anglican note I am thinking that 9/11 here and the Papal Visit to the UK has made this really go under the radar