09 September 2010

Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words. (UPDATED AGAIN)

A bunch of Lefty ideologues who happen work in the religion industry (Christian department) are quite upset over recent "anti-Muslim rhetoric" - specifically, the purposeful burning of copies of the Koran. They're quite upset enough to hold a summit and press conference about it.

And in this case they should be upset. Burning The Koran is a stupid, pointless, needlessly injurious act, no less than burning The Bible or putting a crucifix in a jar of your own piss. I'm upset over it as well.

But when it comes to anti-Christian action by Muslims (warning: graphic), much less "rhetoric", note that this same bunch never seems to be quite upset enough to have a summit and press conference.

UPDATE: There wasn't a summit and press conference over this. Or, any Muslim clerics saying it was wrong.

UPDATE: QED. Chris Johnson notes someone on Twitter has perfectly summarized the current values of our Ruling Class. We know which one of these Lefty Episcopalians (tm) value. And, which one they don't.

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