19 September 2010

Reason 45,364 Why We Left Massachusetts.

We wanted to raise our kids in place where the public schools didn't promote religion:

This video illustrates the classic rule of 'stand for nothing, fall for anything'.

Sad to say this comes as no surprise to RSR. While we were living in Boston/Newton, we would often hear people almost reflexively excuse Faith in their past - "I was raised (fill in the blank), but of course I don't go anymore...", or "I'm a recovering (fill in the blank)." Religion has been mostly eliminated from the public square in uber-intelligentsia communities like Newton and Wellesley, so most of those children only know churches and synagogues as places their grandparents may hang out. Couple that with the utter disintegration of the family (if you weren't divorced at least once by the time you were 40, friends thought something was wrong with you), and the video above is the result.

Had the Archdiocese of Boston asked for these students to come to a church and "experience" Catholicism, and invited the young men to Mass, you would have heard the screams all the way to the doors of Saint Peter's.

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