02 September 2010

The New Black.

Not: Steampunk.

Hot: Electri-punk.

OK, I really have no idea if it's hot ot not, but some of those 'electri-punk' things are pretty cool, in a geeky sort of way. Plus, I like saying "electri-punk".

(Note from management: If you are looking to this blog, or this blogger, for what is hot, well, you really, really, really - I mean really - need a life. Round here we still think thongs are 'hot'. On women. Not on... Oh, never mind. -ed.)

UPDATE: (Management note to anyone who may own a '59 Caddy and be named Adair - 59 Caddys do, in fact, rate pretty high on the geek adaptive reuse cultural kinetic warmness meter. My only question is, where do you put your gloves now?)

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