23 September 2010

Even The Losers Get Lucky Sometime.

Tom Petty was right. It was bound to happen - over at a local political website I acquired my first stalker. The guy is obsessed enough about me dig into my personal life, and has posted my name, street, and, I'm waiting to see what else. He has also posted (warning: NSFW) his claims about my wife, as well. Say what you want about me, fair enough. Drag my family into it, and, well, a Rubicon has been crossed.

I think this is likely some harmless, though sexually frustrated, looser who is using me as a vehicle to swell his ego. (And, we hope, not swell anything else. Eeeech. -ed.) Anyway, the issue is now public, and I'll know for sure in a few days.

UPDATE 24SEPT2010: It seems a few comments in the right places worked - the thread with my personal information, and the rather perverted comments about my wife, have been removed from the website. It appears that the offender has been booted, as well. (No, he's still there. Enjoy some other insightful commentary by '.Ray') I should find out tomorrow or Monday the identity of this person, and some background, just in case he persists. As the offending items about me are gone I will let it drop - as long as they remain that way.

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