30 January 2008

An Idea.

There has been much lamenting in parts of the blogosphere about the early demise of Fred Thompson as a candidate. Being among those, I have been looking for a GOP candidate to support and finding the pickings slim. My initial reaction is McCain, but it is lukewarm at best, and growing colder fast. Very, very, fast. While Romney is too "Up East" for me, he has been saying things I like, especially on immigration. Huckabee? Please. One Arkansas governor was enough. What could solidify my support one way or the other, and the support of many others, would be who the nominee has as VP.

And I think Fred Thompson would be perfect.

He would solidify a conservative base on the ticket, as both McCain and Romney have some questionable records in office when it comes to core conservative issues. And being from Tennessee, Thompson relates to the all important South, something I think Romney has a hard time doing. He is telegenic, which McCain especially is not, and he can be very useful as a spokesman - a role the VP often occupies.

Reagan chose his VP prior to the convention in '76, and Reagan darn near took the nomination. (How different history would be had he done so.)

So, Senator McCain and Governor Romney, the one who puts Fred Thompson on his team has my vote. And I think you'll have a lot of others as well.


ptg said...

Perhaps we could persuade Fred to change his mind about stopping his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. A great speech by Fred to convention hall full of disappointed delegates is all I ask.

Greta Perry said...

I soooo agree with you GMTA. McCain/Thompson - Rudy for Attny General and Huckabee for something or other - it would beat Obama nor problem and hopefully stop the Clinton machine!