28 May 2008

Train Crash In Boston.

About an hour ago two Green Line 'D' trains collided in Newton, Massachusetts, with multiple injuries. The crash occurred between the Waban and Woodland stops. Just a week ago my family and I were riding on the 'D' line out to Riverside, where we were staying.

Prayers for the injured, please.

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Costello & Mains, P.C. said...

I agree, prayers really are needed her, particularly for the family of the conductor Edmunds, who died. It's tragic and the injuries to the commuters are terrible. Still, in situations like this it is best to pursue justice as well. Those involved do not have to sit by an do nothing. I know that The Shepard Law Firm of Boston, for example, handles cases like this, and they set up a hotline in order to help people: 800-451-4471 or you could just go to their site: http://www.shepardlawfirm.com/?pageId=278