26 February 2009

Bidenmath, Or, Numbers Are Scary.

Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden huffs up yet another fact-free pontification - this time about my fair state:
"But what I don't understand from Governor Jindal is what would he do? In Louisiana, there's 400 people a day losing their jobs. What's he doing?"
Oh, really? Let's do some simple simple multiplication: 400 times 365 equals...

146,000 people a year. (That's right, Joe, 146,000. I had my sixth-grader son check the math.) Joe didn't cite any backup for his numbers, and (of course) the Obama groupie at CBS interviewing him didn't ask for any. But according to the Louisiana Department of Labor, Louisiana gained 3,700 non-farm jobs in December 2008 (the most recent numbers). And Louisiana was the only state to do that. Our total unemployed is only 121,949, Joe, which comes to 5.9 percent - 1.3% below the national average.

So whatever Governor Jindal is doing, it seems to be working. And now that President Obama has put Biden in charge of the "stimulus", maybe Joe should come down here for a lesson or two.

UPDATE: An FYI, Mr. Vice President: It's "Gin-dall", not "Gin-DELL"; and beleive or not he's never worked at a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts.

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Anonymous said...

Biden: "Don't confuse me with facts!"

Good post.