18 February 2009

Calling Their Bluff.

The Episcopal Church (tm) says the Current Unpleasantness in the church is distracting from the church's mission, and that mission should be the focus.

The Rev. D. Stuart Dunnan, headmaster of Saint James School, St. James, Maryland, quite agrees, and proposes a reasonable, realistic solution that takes the focus off property and legal wranglings and returns it to mission. It is also a proposal that will, in all likelihood, end the good Reverend's long-term career aspirations in The Episcopal Church (tm). (Our Presiding Bishop deals rather swiftly with those who oppose her agenda. The-end-justifies-the-means, you know.)

Watch the Episcopal Life comments section here. They should prove most illuminating.

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Ontario Emperor said...

This proposal should obviously be rejected because it is inclusive. And inclusive is bad, isn't it? :)

Dunnan's preface is interesting, although at least in the American case, his argument is incomplete. While one can make a superficial argument that the Methodists were too wild for the Anglicans, such an argument ignores John Wesley's own desire to remain in the Anglican Church, as well as that pesky little American Revolution that took place.

All denominations, including my own Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (psst-don't tell anyone that I referred to it as a "denomination"), have their own potential for schism due to variance in belief. There are various arguments for and against different responses to this. For example, if Dunnan's suggestion is followed and conservatives remain in the denomination, one could argue that they are compromising their beliefs.