17 February 2009

See. BS.

The Voice of Worriors takes apart a recent MainStreamMedia scare story which shows, yet again, how little the MSM really knows about US military or it's equipment. Watch the video in the post and read the commentary. Note that, except for some cheap (and very non-issue) knives, none of the things shown by CBS were "weapons."

Actually, I'm very surprised how little military equipment we've lost over there to our opponents. Remember, we've been in Afghanistan for more than seven years. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, their opponents were armed with WWI-era British .303 bolt action rifles. Seven years later, the opposition had captured so much Soviet weaponry that AK-47s and RPGs were the norm in the opposition. If the CBS story is at all accurate, then where are the Taliban with M-16s, M-203s, M-249s, or M-2s?

Hattip: LGF.

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Walker said...

1. All the equipment shown is available at your local surplus store, or on-line at Super Trooper. Just because they say it's looted doesn't make it so. I love the canteen; they are welcome to it, we have been using "camel backs" for over ten years.

2. We don't get "shipments" of weapons. We carry our own weapons into country. Our shipments of ammo are provided by military convoy- NOT LOCAL TRUCKERS.

3. NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) So what? Now they can see us drive through their IEDs!!! Even the footage shows a HUMVEE driving THROUGH the blast UNSCRATCHED (notice Humvee NOT blowing up)!!!!

4. Bridge- and? I see a 6 hour repair job by our Combat Engineers- it will give our fine chaps (Engineers) something to do besides sleeping all day and night!!!

5. Refuel issues? Perhaps. I know the Quartermasters over there have figured an alternate method for delivery. Can you say C-130 fuel ship or Chinook carrying a fuel pod to a Forward Operation Base (FOB)? Considering the “quality” of the roads, or lack thereof by the FOBs, they probably “lift” the stuff by POD to the remote sites anyway.

OK, mysteries solved! Next crisis?