03 February 2009

Tuesday Morning Distraction. (Hint: It Involves Atheists.) (UPDATED)

It seems atheists in the UK have started advertising on the sides of buses. OK. Since you wouldn't be insulting their religion or anything, go have a bit of fun with it.

My entry:

Hattip: Stand Firm.

UPDATE: Had a few minutes at lunch:

This stuff almost writes itself.


nullifidian said...

The first one is hilarious (although not too kind to dyslexics), the second one is just playing to a strawman, and the third one I can't get at all. What does it mean?

.....CLIFFORD said...

No. 3 is the definition of godless secular humanism. There is nothing more than the self, moment were the self exists, and what desires the self has during that moment. Nothing else. No higher purpose, no order, no morality, no reason. There is no right or wrong, no past or future. There is only you, in the here and now, free to do as you will since only your will matters.

God doesn't exist because, well, you are God.

That's what it means.