26 February 2009

An Expensive Joke. (UPDATED)

How many FEMA employees does it take to completely fuck up (sorry, there's no other way to put it accurately) our recovery?

This many:
She (Senator Mary Landrieu) said that Louisiana residents would be "shocked" that the New Orleans office employs more than 1,000 people, given its failure to resolve funding disputes that have held up over $1 billion in funding for key infrastructure projects in the region.
More than 1,000 people. Doing what, exactly? Not helping us recover, that's for sure. "Shocked" should be the least of our reactions to this.

Send the carpetbagging leeches home. Now.

UPDATE 27FEB09: Seems the blood is in the water:
Underlying the tension is the sense on the part of state and local officials that FEMA is denying adequate rebuilding money for many projects -- beginning with the rebuilding of Charity Hospital -- because these institutions, according to FEMA, could have done a better job mitigating the storm damage.

"How can you mitigate damage when 80 percent of the city got flooded, it was under water, with looters and crime and people out of their homes and without medical care?" Cao said. "How do you stop to send personnel in order to address roof problems?"

At Wednesday's hearing, Cao asked Stark about those concerns: "Who makes the final (public assistance) decisions, you or Mr. John Connolly?"

Stark replied that he relied on Connolly's judgment.

Noting that Connolly is from Philadelphia, Cao asked: "How many times has Philadelphia ever been hit by a hurricane"
If somebody had asked that question, say, three and a half years ago, I think we'd be in a whole lot better shape than we are now. I hope they put Mr. Connolly on a plane back to Philadelphia, ASAP.

UPDATE 27FEB09 II: The house cleaning has begun.


The Grey Man said...

BFD. We already had enough of our own home grown layabouts to muck things up, at least since Landrieu (Mary's dad).

The City has been attempting suicide for years. It's like blaming the Greek rustbucket a jumper off the GNO happens to hit for his death.

Sorry, but the City has been driving out productive people for all our lives. See St. Tammany. Some predict Covington/Mandeville will be the second largest metro area in a decade. FEMA is just one more buzzard feeding off it's carcass.

Anonymous said...

John Connolly is the primary reason the Public Assistance program has failed Louisiana. He has a total disregard for the Stafford Act. He is a cowboy that does what he wants when he wants. He promotes a culture where no one is accountable. He refuses to provide written documentation for his orders. He has instructed his minions to disregard written instructions from James Walke, his superior. Morally, he is typical of Washington based scum. He brought both of his girl friends to the disaster, given them greater authority than either is capable of handling.

There are many qualified Public Assitance specialists that refuse to work with Mr. Connolly because of Mr. Connolly's conduct.

If Louisiana hopes to recover from Katrina & Rita, John Connolly must go.