04 March 2009

The '60's Don't Get Better With Age.

What does an aging hippy "dreamy overachiever" do after having:
...worked as a senior physical therapist at three Baltimore hospitals; recorded and toured nationally as a rock drummer; taught Tai Chi in the Baltimore city prison system; and built an acupuncture practice with more than 350 patients.?
Why, you spend eight years at seminary (eight years!?! - ed.) and become an Episcopal Priest.

So, with a flourish of tie-dye and patchouli, let me introduce the recently ordained....

"Mother" Julia Anne Fritts.

This kind of PC twaddle isn't fresh, dynamic, or revitalizing. It's why people are leaving the church.

Bonus Points: Search the article for the words "Jesus" or "Christ". Didn't see 'em? Me, either. And "God" is only mentioned once. Not really a surprise.

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