02 March 2009

Zen And The Art Of Selective Omission at Episcopal Life Online.

My Anglican / Episcopal readers (at least, those who are not also avid Standfirm readers) will be pleased to hear the the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan has elected a new bishop, the Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester . What you may not be pleased to hear, and what was conveniently left out of this Episcopal Life Online article, is that, according to this article, the Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester is also a practicing Buddhist. It seems he is even ordained in the Buddhist faith:
Manuel Padilla received his Doctorate of Ministry from Seabury-Western Seminary. Anita Wingert got married! (to Hal Martin) Jane Cisluycis (our new Diocesan Operations Coordinator) graduated last spring from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Communications. Kevin Thew Forrester received Buddhist "lay ordination" - so now he walking the path of Christianity and Zen Buddhism together. Arlene Gordanier retired, after many years of teaching in Munising. Ben and Leila Johns celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
Note, the quote above was from 2004, when the then bishop mentioned it in a littany of good things that had happened in the diocese - as if this was a thing to be commended. For some reason, I don't think the national church leadership will be all that upset over a Buddhist-Episcopal bishop. (They only seem to get upset at Christian-Episcopal bishops.)

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