04 March 2009

A Well Planned "Welcome Surprise." (UPDATED)

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled post:

Senate district 16 candidate Lee Domingue, when asked this morning on WRKF about Bobby Jindal's endorsement yesterday, said the following:
Well, as far as working hard to get it, we were just honored to receive it. It came as a welcome surprise to us.
My ass.

One day after Jindal made his endorsement, a slick flier arrived in the mail at our house touting Jindal's endorsement.

UPDATE: Here is the website for Cyrus International, one of the charities Domingue said in the interview he and his wife started which is active in combating human trafficking. Accusations about the legitimacy of the charity have been posted recently, and a review of the charity's 2007 IRS Form 990-EZ Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax appear to give the accusations credence. The IRS form shows no assets, no income and no expenditures reported - just lots of zeros. Maybe this was at the inception of the charity before things got up and running. I hope so. Either way, Domingue needs to explain this.

UPDATE: Looking up the 990's on the partner charities listed at Cyrus' website, here is the one for Churchasia, (2007, from Louisiana), In His Steps (2007, in Colorado), and Global Expeditors (2005 - latest one found - in Louisiana). The others didn't get a search hit, though that doesn't conclude anything. All listed did show activity, which makes the zeros on Cyrus International's 990 all the more curious.

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