03 March 2009

Convenient Conservative, Or... What, Me Vote?

It seems Lee Domingue's definition of "conservative reformer" doesn't include, well, showing up at the polls regularly:
State Senate candidate Lee Domingue did not vote in nearly half of the elections since 2000, including a prior special election to fill the Baton Rouge-based District 16 seat he now seeks.
First excuse - I was too busy:
Domingue said between 2006 and early 2008 he was “extensively traveling and involved with business transactions with the sale of my company.”
Isn't that why absentee ballots and early voting exist?

UPDATE: Note the second excuse in the same article - at least I'm better than most of you:
“My record is better than a vast majority of voters,” said Domingue.
So, it shouldn't matter because he's better than us? Yeah, that'll win folks to your side.

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