17 March 2009

A Note From The Management.

People who come here for the first time often rummage round in the older posts, archives, and subject tags. I encourage them to do so, and hope they return. But considering the current level of interest during the middle of a most uncivil political campaign, I'm beginning to wonder if Charlie Buras is right. So let me put this up front - if you want dirt on your humble blogger, you don't need to spend hours online digging for it.

Save yourself some time and email me. I'll tell you myself.

But I'm afraid you'll be underwhelmed. I've never been arrested, divorced or unfaithful to my wife, and I've never been fired. I'm an Eagle Scout, honorably served in the Army National Guard, active in my church, and I pay my bills. I've had one traffic ticket in 24 years. OK, the story about me and my friend Laurent tearing off mattress tags in D. H. Holmes' in 1969, while his mom bought pillows, is true. As is that time I snuck into Pontchartrain Beach in 1973. And summer school in 1974 - yeah, I had to do that. But I hardly think these rise to the level of scandal.

But not to worry, dear potential inquisitor - if the truth doesn't suit you, I'll be happy to make something up. My life is so devoid of turpitude nobody would believe it anyway, so the opportunity to give my image a bit of secular libertine street cred sounds like fun. Heck, maybe I can swing a book deal. Just one request: twins. There's gotta be twins.

UPDATE: Daver, many thanks for the offer. I'm quite flattered. But I think I can handle it (see this.)


Anonymous said...

That's interesting.

I don't know who brought up the old Roy Fletcher story you linked to.

This has been a interesting race.

Christopholes said...

Sorry, I get carried away. I once read ALL of icanhascheezeburger... in one day. I wasn't registered to vote for the primary, and I don't have a television, so aside from what I here on WJBO in the morning before I go to college, I had no idea the race had reached this level. I was just excited to have found a local political blog.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Geaux Tigers:

Since you commented several times in the thread I linked to about that old story, I'm quite surprised you don't know who brought it up. But since you asked, here is the originator's explanation, in full.

I thought think y'all would be more concerned today with this story. People listen when one of the most influential and respected families in Baton Rouge says something like that.

.....CLIFFORD said...

"I once read ALL of icanhascheezeburger... in one day."


Far be it from me to questions your lifestyle choices, but have you ever heard of something called, um, girls?

Anonymous said...

The link to the Advocate article opens in the comment box, which cannot be resized for ease of reading. You may wish to put the link on the main page for those of us mired in MicroSquish apps.

Daver said...

Clifford, if you need help making stuff up let me know, I'll be glad to help.