08 March 2009

Diatrict 16: On To Round Two.

The Primary for Louisiana's District 16 was held yesterday, and Dan Claitor and Lee Domingue will be heading into a runnoff. Laurinda Calongne, who we voted for, came in third. All are Republicans.

But the big story here is the real looser in this race: Bobby Jindal. Jindal came out at the last minute and endorsed Lee Domingue - who raised some hefty sums for what is a local race - and Domingue still came in second. The only thing that seemed to link Jindal to Domingue was the latter's impressive fundraising for Jindal. That, and the timing of the endorsement right after Domingue got hit with some bad press, raised eyebrows.

If Jindal truly had the stature here that he is trying to convince the rest of the nation he has, Domingue should have walked away with this. But he didn't. Partly, that is because Domingue is a weak candidate - he puts off folks with his negative attacks, his on-the-sleeve social-conservatism, and his past that he either can't, or won't, shake. But partly, this is a conservative district (where Jindal grew up) of mostly moderate, economic republicans, with some university folks (LSU is in the district), and conservative democrats - who are more worried right now about their 401(k)s and businesses than about about prayer in school. They are ticked at Jindal for jetting off all over the country running for President while seemingly ignoring the state. And when he does pay attention, he endorses of one of his biggest contributors, Domingue - which smacks of politics as usual.

If Domingue wanted to help Jindal, he would withdraw from this race and save Jindal the embarrasment of looking like he not only has no coat tails - he has no coat. There is no way Domingue can win next month - he has alienated the voters of both of his opponents, and I don't think going even more negative on Claitor will win any of them over to his side. The majority in District 16 are mad about what they see as politics as usual. Right now, they now see Jindal as part of that problem, and Domingue as his poster boy.

For more perspective, go over to Charlie's place.

UPDATE 09MAR09: I spent a bit of time today in a local mud-wrestling forum local politics forum trying to get Domingue supporters to convince me that their candidate was the better choice. They answered some of my questions, but no matter what, there was always that last bit of negativity tossed in against a fellow Republican. Unless things change radically, I'm supporting Dan Claitor.


Rick67 said...
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Rick67 said...
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Rick67 said...

Nuts. I also voted for Colongne. (Know a former Louisiana house speaker at church, we chatted for a few yesterday - he also voted for her.) I don't think Claitor is a bad choice but thought Colongne better - ideas why she fared so poorly?

.....CLIFFORD said...

Three reasons:

1) Lack of money.

2) A negative campaign to demonize her. (Lobbyist!! Career Politician!! GOP Apostate!!)

3. Lack of money.

In politics, money is the breath that makes the voice heard. Even when that voice is wrong.