12 March 2009

The Most Important Endorsement In The District 16 Race.

No, not this one. I mean this one by Laurinda Calongne :
"I am grateful for the support our campaign received on the March 7th primary election. After meeting with both candidates and discussing the issues and the upcoming campaign, I have made a personal decision that I will support Dan Claitor in the April 4th general election."
No matter how much money Domingue puts in, I do not see how he can win the Calongne vote now (not likely he was before). IMHO, without that support it's all over but the election; Claitor is in.

UPDATE: I know, I shouldn't; but I stirred the pot just a bit.


Anonymous said...

Haha, hey clifford. This is Geaux Tigers from Politics LA. I'd saw that you stir the pot and the crazy swirl it out of control.

.....CLIFFORD said...

I liken it to riling up a pack of chihuahuas - it's fun to watch all the yapping, shaking, and peeing on the floor.

I think I'll hang up my stirring stick. For now.