03 March 2009

Jindal Takes Sides. (UPDATED)

This morning Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed Lee Domingue for State Senate. Not surprising, actually, since Jindal has seems to like backing evangelical social conservatives with election-killing skeletons.

Given the district is heavily Republican and pro-Jindal, this may have been timed to try and negate possible damage from the recent revelations about Domingue.

UPDATE: Does the last-minute endorsement of Domingue have something to do with with his standing in the polls? Hmmm. You don't tend to go negative if you're leading. We'll see Saturday, which is the only poll that really matters.

UPDATE: Welcome to the folks at the Domingue campaign who are stopping by. Oh, and the Jindal folks, too. Have a look around - you'll find I'm not as big a git as you think. (And if the stats are any indication, not very widely read... -ed) If you think I'm wrong or took something out of context, email me or post a comment. And if I am wrong, I'll be Christian enough to admit it; and I'm sure you'll be Christian enough to forgive me.

UPDATE 04MAR09: The Advocate notes a curious tidbit in their article about Jindal's endorsement - which is starting to look a lot like politics as usual:
Domingue, his family and his company have contributed $118,500 to Jindal’s political campaigns, his transition committee and in post-election political support since 2006, according to records filed with the Louisiana Board of Ethics and the Federal Elections Commission.
Interesting - Domingue didn't have time to vote during that period, but he did have time to write checks. Not very "conservative reformer," IMHO. Here's a picture of Jindal and Domingue announcing the endorsement yesterday:

UPDATE 04MAR09: Oh, wait! Sorry.... Sorry... That's an image of some rather healthy mushrooms I wanted to post today after someone told me it was "National Eat A Fungus Day." Or, something like that. Anyway, the image was shamelessly stolen from McGoo's place in case you were interested, and was posted incorrectly. We do, of course, regret the error.

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