11 March 2009

Where is Louisianaconservative.com? (Updated)

I stopped over at Louisianaconservative.com last night and I got a SUSPENDED page. Same thing again today.

Wassup with that? Jim Brown, fellow baseball fan, never answered my question over there about why Satan is his "perennial favorite."

UPDATE 12MAR09: It's back up. Don't scare me like that, Jeff.


Unknown said...

yeah. saw the same thing today. can u add me to ur blogroll?

Soigne Toi,
Joshua W. Delano
Bayou Perspective - www.BayouPerspective.Blogspot.com

.....CLIFFORD said...

can u add me to ur blogroll?

I'll see. But first you must answer me, these questions three:

What, is your name?
What, is your quest?
What, is the airspeed veleocity of an unladen swollow?

Confurmation question:

What, is your favorite beer?

Anonymous said...

Clifford if I didn't know you were a Sox fan before, I'd sure as hell know after that post! 25 days...

.....CLIFFORD said...


That's 25 days, 13 hours and 18 minutes.