10 March 2009

Connecticut Legislature Wants To Do Away With Separation Of Church And State.

Well, for those unregulated, abortion-hating, breeder Roman Catholics, that is:

Watch it all. The Episcopal Church (tm) gets a mention. Makes my previous post pretty germane.

Hattip: Creative Minority Report.

UPDATE: In the comments, Ontario Emperor is reporting that the issue caused quite a political firestorm (duh) and is dead. This story confirms it. Why is is that the people always worried about religion intruding on the state, rarely see a problem when the state intrudes on religion? I mean, what were they thinking??

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Ontario Emperor said...

For what it's worth, Mark Trapp has shared a post from the Deacon's Bench saying that the negative reaction has had an effect.

Following the biggest political firestorm of the 2009 legislative session, a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday on the financial and administrative management of the Catholic Church has been canceled. The bill is dead for the rest of the legislative session.

I still haven't read a complete statement from the other side, but a quote from Lawlor and McDonald in the same post indicates some of their thinking:

"For reasons that are unclear, Connecticut has had generations-old laws on the books singling out particular religions and treating them differently from other religions in our statutes. That doesn't seem right."

Why the subject of church organization is a matter for statutes is not addressed. While religions do not have absolute freedom - I'm not about to give the Church of Molech the protected privilege of child sacrifice - there needs to be a compelling reason to regulate what a religious organization can and cannot do.