22 July 2009


The event horizon of credulity has been reached by Team Hopenchange: "We rescued the economy..."

Oh, really? Let's see how that "rescue" thing is working out:

Image: Innocent Bystanders.


Dr. Dave said...

Man you'll have to wait to "see" because that unemployment number's not done climbing yet.

Rick said...

It all depends on how you define "rescue the economy." Sure, if you think "rescue the economy" means make it more prosperous and improve the individual economic state of the people, Bam's efforts look as though they came a cropper and he failed. But if by "rescue the ecomomy" you mean actions taken to save our country from the ravages of continuing a free-market, capital based ecomomy centered on individual liberty you absolutely must give Bam full marks for pulling us out of the hellhole created by our Founding Fathers and delivering us to the glorious promised land of Marx and Lenin.