21 July 2009

Reagan? Who's Reagan?

While I still consider myself a libertarian conservative Republican, I have been decidedly uneasy of late with that label. This piece at Rightwing Nuthouse pretty much sums up why I am uneasy.

The rise of people and outlooks like the ones mentioned at the link are no way to take back this country. And I blame the GOP for their rise. We Republicans are utterly leaderless right now, which allows fringe cooks like Ron Paul and his disciples to grab the "conservative" spotlight. Without a strong GOP vision and a proactive - not reactive - strategy, 2010 will not look like 1994.

If Obama and the Dems are starting to tank, it is because of Obama and the Dems. It is not due to any efforts of the current GOP leadership, or kooks like the Freeper in the Rightwing Nuthouse post.

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