31 July 2009

Friday LMAO: The Real TRUTH About Obama's Birth Certificate, Etc., Etc.

Frank J, of IMAO fame, channels his inner Campaign For Liberty to hit conspiracy-theory gold: Birthers Have a Point: Is Hawaii Really a State?. Read it all. Favorite line:
Also, it’s well established that the Hawaiians are serial liars, and they could be lying about Obama now just like when they set off bombs at Pearl Harbor and blamed it on the Japanese.
I wonder, though, why Frank makes no mention of the Illuminiti, the Bilderburg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, or The Federal Reserve? They MUST have a role in this, since we all know they control everything...


Marie Devine said...

Questions about Barack Obama, a 15 year citizen of Pakistan, making policy for the United States are fair, especially when addressed to US Attorney for DC, CD Phillips. There is action before the court called Quo Warranto that causes an official to show if he was legally in office or over-stepped his authority.

To challenge why a 15 year citizen of Indonesia is leading our nation and share this information,
Tweeter and see:
Sharing “Questions E-mailed to President Obama & US Attorney DC, CD Phillips 7-30-09” http://www.divine-way.com (116 Char)

.....CLIFFORD said...


1) A lawsuit being brought does not prove anything.

2) Obama may have lived in orther countries (as have I), but he has never been a Citizen of either Pakistan or Indonesia.

3) Obama is 47 years old. By your math he had lived 30 out of those 47 years abroad. Which, he hasn't.

So let's focus on fighting the real issues the President has actually set before us, and not get side-tracked by all this fishing for evidence to fit a conjured conclusion.

zif said...

In point of fact, what evidence that has surfaced tends to indicate that Mr. Obama(Soetoro?) probably was a citizen of Indonesia, having been adopted by his mother's second husband, giving him the citizenship required to attend a government madrassa. Whether that disqualifies him from the presidency may be of legal issue, but has become moot; Mr.Obama(Soetoro?) has demonstrated by his actions that he is unqualified to be president. Either way we're screwed. What court would take on the Obama administration?

.....CLIFFORD said...


"Tends to indicate" is not a "point of fact" - it is a point of opinion. As there is a legal Hawaii birth certificate for Obama, he is a citizen of this nation. And since he was duly elected President, well... end of story.

Further, your conclusion that "Mr.Obama(Soetoro?) has demonstrated by his actions that he is unqualified to be president," is again, opinion. I agree that Obama has governed poorly, and I do not at all agree with his policies or the direction he wants for this country. But disagreement does not disqualify, any more than the Loony Left's disagreement with Bush disqualified him from being President. To do so demeans the office, not simply the man.

American Patriot said...

LSU must be proud!

.....CLIFFORD said...

Proud? More like relieved. I mean, so far I've beaten the Randy Newman Rule...