28 July 2009

More Distrubance In The Force. (UPDATED)

As you know, I am not a fan of Rep. Ron Paul and his disciples. Not at all. Here's a big reason why I think he, and his Campaign for Liberty, are as big a threat to the libertarian / conservative movement as Obama and the Lefty Democrats.

And for the record: While I may disagree - and disagree vehemently - with Barack Obama, the State of Hawaii has (repeatedly!) produced his birth certificate. Like him or not, he meets the 'native born' Constitutional requirement to be President. Unless you "birthers" can produce conclusive proof otherwise - not circumstantial theories and supposition, please, oh, please - SHUT THE F**K UP about it!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Tamara at View From The Porch weighs in on the "birther" thing, and brings up a good point - by obfuscating as they have, Team Hopenchange has lent fuel to this fire. Just post Obama's birth certificate on the White House website and make these "birther" idiots look like... idiots.

UPODATE 29JULY09: About the "birthers" - what he said.

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The Grey Man said...

While I think it's 90/10 against the birthers, I do have some questions.

1) Why so much cash and effort to obfuscate, and why hide his transcripts?

2) He went to an exclusive prep school and some expensive colleges. Who paid the bills? Remember how broke we were at LSU?

3) While in college he went to Pakistan. OK, you went to London and Florence for architecture. Given the opportunity at that age I would look for some B & B (blondes and boobs) (and booze). But freaking Pakistan?!? For a normal college kid to go to a backward islamic nation where the girls are totally covered and no beer needs some 'splaining.