28 July 2009

A Prediction. (UPDATED)

The Messiah and his followers have produced a lot of sound and fury of late, but it has signified almost nothing - the "stimulus" has had no effect (except to put us more in debt to the Chinese), nationalized health care is tanking, cap-n-tax may not have the votes, and the Europeans aren't loving the US like he hoped.

Yes, Obama just got a "wise Latina" on the Supreme Court (speaking of "racism"...), but let's be honest - the Faithful want more. If things continue as they have for Team Hopenchange, do not be surprised if they soon roll out an old, red-meat standby: "common-sense gun control".

Yes, "gun control" is a net loser for Democrats, but other things Obama thought would be net gainers - such as nationalizing health care, kissing Iran's butt - haven't been. So going after guns wouldn't rile up the conservatives much more than they are now, would fire up the Lefty base, and would distract from Obama's current troubles by giving his cheerleaders in the press something else to focus on.

I hope I'm wrong. But in case I'm not, order your AR or AK now. Avoid the rush.

UPDATE 29JULY09: Looks like they are first going to play the race card.


Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time, just a matter of time. And if the AR-15 is not your style there are several other semi-autos out there.

Capt. Deacon Warren

Matthew said...

I disagree. The political problem with gun control is that the 2nd Amendment Rights advocates (of whom I include myself) are well organized. They pretty much define grass roots. Further, while there is a definite right tilt to the group, advocacy for the right to bear arms stretches all the way across the political spectrum.

The Bradyites are largely astro-turf. And the Washington pols have come to understand that. They may try to slip some form of gun control through (To a certain extent you can hide anything in a 1,000+ page appropriations bill), but I don't see a straight up proposal with debate and all the other goodies happening.

From the lefty view point, Gun Control doesn't put money in the pols coffers and it doesn't draw voters to the polls. A fair number of people support it, but they are not passionate about it.

So you have an issue that fires up your opposition and diminishes your supporters. Unless you're MAxine Waters or John Lewis and a congresscritter for life, you do not want gun control even mentioned.

A representative may be for or agaianst any number of issues. But there is one issue they are unanimous on. They are all against unemployment.