09 July 2009

Simple Country Blogger Watch - Anaheim Addition

I know, I know. I promised. And I'm sure some of you were sitting there last night, bottle in one hand and mouse in the other, waiting for the first Simple Country Bishop Drinking Game! of General Convention. So let's make up for lost time. The RULES: You take a sip or swig (depending on the quality of libation you are drinking) each time The Simple Country Bishop uses the following words in his blog for that day: I, me, we, and mine. And each time he uses these words: God, Lord, Jesus, or Christ, you get to skip the next sip/swig.

Unlike Lambeth, I won't be commenting on the content of the posts, unless they are REALLY fisky - this time I'm just posting the results.

Results from yesterday's post were rather disappointing:

I: 4
We: 7
Me: 6
Mine: 1

Total: 18


God: 3
Lord: 0
Jesus: 0
Christ: 1

Total: 4

And today's post was worse, players; but the good news is the "skip" words have doubled:

I: 7
We: 5
Me: 1
Mine: 0

Total: 13


God: 3
Lord: 2
Jesus: 2
Christ: 1

Total: 8

Back tomorrow.

1 comment:

1662 BCP said...

So the score stands at SCB 31, God 12.