14 July 2009

OK, I'm Baaaack.

I apologize again, dear readers, for the dearth of postings. I've been in that "funk mode" for a bit now, but I need to get past it.

My Anglican / Episcopal readers may be wondering why no Simple Country Bishop Drinking Game updates, or posts about The Episcopal Church (tm) General Convention. Honestly, I've just given up. It's useless to make a point with parody when the object of your parody is already a parody of itself. I will have more to say about the goings on with The Episcopal Church (tm), and my reaction to it, later.

On the national scene, where to begin? I guess TOTUS tried to commit suicide yesterday on national television is a good place to start.

On the state and local level, pickings have been slim. But I saw something earlier that has shaken me out of my funkyness. See the next post above.

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Matthew said...

It really looks like Johnson's law is the truest thing ever said about the Episcopal Church. I mean, make a joke about the Piskies ordaining beavers, and the next thing you'll know there'll be a canon proposed to end the millenia long practise of discrimination against all members of the rodent family....