22 July 2009

Some Inclusive Questions.

If the two resolutions passed at The Episcopal Church's recent General Convention provided "clarity" concerning allowing more gay bishops and developing same-sex marriage rites, then why did Bishop Schori and Ms. Anderson feel the need to write the Archbishop of Canterbury (here and here) to explain what the two resolutions mean? (Can you say spin control, boys and girls? I knew you could.)

And what do you call a church that eliminates evangelism from it's budget, but increases - by some 122% - it's multi-million dollar expenditures for lawyers to sue to obtain local church property and to discipline clergy who won't tow the new party line? (Hint: It's hard to call it a church anymore...)


Anonymous said...

TEC is still a "Church" on the local level in many places. But, on the national level, it is no longer a Christian Church - neither Cathoilic nor Protestant. but a sect. Sad indeed. We are seeing what happens when you turn your back on the Triune God of Scripture. God turns you over to your own folly. Divine judgement is in the process of taking place on TEC.

Anonymous said...

What do I call that kind of church? A dead church that is awaiting the death certificte.