15 July 2009

The Episcopal Church - What's The Point?

The following statement was put to a vote at the ongoing General Convention of The Episcopal Church (tm):
Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That this 76th General Convention of this church affirm the conclusion of the Church of England at its February General Synod and direct the House of Bishops' Committee on Theology to report back to the 77th General Convention on "their understanding of the uniqueness of Christ in the United States multi-faith society, and offer examples and commendations of good practice in sharing the gospel of salvation through Christ alone with people of other faiths and of none."
It was... defeated. Apparently, because a majority of our Deputies did not agree with the the phrases in bold above - the ones affirming the uniqueness of Christ.

I mean, honestly; why bother with the Christian label anymore?

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Anonymous said...

Very sad. A split between the liberal (ie. social club) and conservative (ie. Christian) Episcopal / Anglican church needs to happen, the sooner the better.