21 August 2009

Barack Obama Is A Lefty Episcopalian.

He has to be. Only a Lefty Episcopalian would have the kind of smug arrogance and self-importance to think themselves, "God’s partners in matters of life and death."

As any Christian with more than a Dan Brown - or Katherine Jefferts-Schori - understanding of theology knows, we are not God's partners. We are, like everything around us, His Creation. (Note: It's not just a Christan thing - our Muslim and Jewish friends believe the same.)

If Bush had tried to invoke God for political ends like this, The Left/Mainstream Media would have erupted in howls of indignation and secular outrage. I am often chastised for my stand on The Current Unpleasantness in The Episcopal Church (tm) with, "Who are you to say what is the Will of God with respect to sexuality?" or "Y'know, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. It's not in the Bible... OK, so let me turn the tables: "Who are you, Mr. President and Bishop Jefferts-Schori, to know the Will of God with respect to the delivery and payment for health care?" "Jesus never said anything about where I buy my health insurance or what my plan minimums should be. The Public Option is not in the Bible..."

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LSP said...

Yes, he is a lefty TECan, which means that he's a space alien - along with KJS, VGR and the death cult Ragsdale.

Obama - partner with God? Don't be silly, he's god's alien son.