17 August 2009

Before There Were 'South Park Republicans, There Were 'Pants Down Republicans.'

In this PJTV tribute the the late director John Hughes, Roger Simon pointed out something I had completely forgotten - back in the late 70's/early 80's, Hughes was, along with P. J. O'Rourke and Dennis Boyles, a founder of The Pants Down Republicans. Read through their "party platform." Drop the 'it's-the-70's-and-drugs-are-cool' angle, and even today I'd vote for it. Sure beats the current Hopenchange agenda.

While digging round for the earlier link I came across this David Boyles post on Hughes passing. And this NRO post, with a memorable Ferris Bueller bit that, alas, missed the movie but perfectly describes the 60's generation.

UPDATE: OK, I'd also move Linda Ronstadt from the 'FOR' column to the 'AGAINST' column. Too much Left-wing whining and too little Jane Fonda workout.


The said...

I must respectfully, but firmly, disagree about the drugs. In this clime, recreational chemistry (especially hallucinogens) may be required to make modern America sensible.

Our best, smartest, and, well, coolest, are trying to steer this great nation over a cliff. And our best hope is them being yelled at by grannies in walkers. Our saviors may be racist, terrorist, Nazi grannies. See where the drugs come in? Throw in a pink elephant and an exploding penis or two, and we could just think it's a bad trip, not our actual reality.

Nay, I say, drugs are as fierce a moral imperative as ever escaped a focus group.

And if auto-sedation fails, at least we, as addicts, would be in an approved victim group, and thus bumped up several places in the health care priorities.

Long live Ludes!! (do they still have those?)

The said...

For some reason, google has deleted "grey man", now I'm just "The"