04 August 2009

Transparency, Chicago-Style. (UPDATED)

Team Hopenchange's Cash-for-Clunkers program is an absolute mess after only a few weeks, and the "most transparent administration in history" is stonewalling on the release of data that may explain what happened, and why. (The story is copyright Associated Press, so I will not link to it. But it can be found on this website - search it with "Obama administration withholds data clunkers")

Remember, the same people who thought up this program, and administer it, are the same ones who thought up and will administer the current health-care "reform". If they can't make something as simple as this work, do you really want them making your health care decisions for you?

UPDATE: Maybe this is why they aren't rushing to release the official data - it appears that four of the five new cars purchased in the Cash-for-Clunkers program are foreign. (And the only American one is made by Ford, who didn't take TARP money.) The UAW has gotta be pissed.

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