12 August 2009

Standard, Double, Definition Of.

An Obama-supporting Congressman had a sign vandalized with a Swastika - it's national news, and somehow symptomatic of one side in the current debate.

When a Bush supporter had his house vandalized with a Swastika - it's local news only. It's somehow is not symptomatic of anything, nor worthy of the same national media attention.

I think using the Swastika/Nazi meme for political expression, while it may be free speech, is out of bounds no matter who uses it. But if it's constant use by the Left for the last eight years didn't garner national media attention and concern, why should it now?

Oh, yeah...

UPDATE: Hot Air has another example of Swastikas and political expression. Do you remember Mrs. Pelosi and the national media howling about that sign, saying it was out-of-bounds and un-American? Me, either.

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Rick said...

There is the very real possibility that the people who did this are not conservatives or Republicans - but liberals/leftists trying to make conservatives and Republicans look bad. When I was the president of Cornell's pro-life group, there was at least one occasion in which members of the Spartacus League pretended to be pro-life demonstrators. Their signs were outrageous, ridiculous, inflammatory. They also satirized our flyers with their own fake versions which they posted. There have been instances where a "racist" incident (say graffiti) was manufactured and the evidence was clear. I am not saying that is the case here. But it must be considered.