20 August 2009

Do it... For The Government. Sorry, For The Children.

A Lefty political group called Vote Kids is running this attack ad against Louisiana Senator David Vitter for not supporting Team Hopenchange's government takeover of your health care.

Look, it's (for now) a free country; people can advocate from any angle they want. But let's be honest - Vote Kids isn't about kids. It's about a group of adults using kids to push their agenda. The children are the vehicle for the agenda, not the focus of it.

Nobody wants to see kids harmed; not even us horrid Republicans. But to equate opposing a government takeover of health care to harming children is insulting. Why is it the only way The Left/Mainstream Media know "to look out for our children" is with more government rules, more government mandates, more government regulations and more taxpayer money? In essence, what Vote Kids is saying is they don't trust folks like you and me to do the right thing on our own - they don't think we have the judgement, the ability, or the means to adequately take care of our children - government must be involved, or harm will come to them.

As my former posts on the InterWebZ prove, I'm not a big fan of David Vitter. But if supporting Vitter is what it takes to keep busybodies like Vote Kids from imposing their values on me and my family via the government, then sign me up as a Vitter fan.

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