16 August 2009

We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Eh.

The single payer, government-run Canadian health care system, the one Team Hopenchange is setting us up to copy and the one The Left/Mainstream Media assures us delivers efficient, affordable, high-quality medical treatment top all, isn't quite the Emerald City:
The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country's health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.

Dr. Anne Doig says patients are getting less than optimal care and she adds that physicians from across the country - who will gather in Saskatoon on Sunday for their annual meeting - recognize that changes must be made.

"We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize," Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

"We know that there must be change," she said. "We're all running flat out, we're all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands."

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Tregonsee said...

Before I retired, I used to spend 2-3 days a month in Canada, and listened to some of their news broadcasts. I was amused to hear a heated discussion of a group of doctors and other medical professionals visiting the US to learn about better ways to provide medical treatment. Heated, in that the reporters were incensed at the very idea that Canada had anything to learn from the US. Amused, in that when I returned home, that team was in my city and getting considerable coverage in the local media. Oh yes, the local media took exactly the same attitude as their Canadian colleagues.