29 August 2009

Could He Get Us Unstuck?

General Russel Honore - the man in post-Katrina New Orleans who told some whiny reporters they were "stuck on stupid," may be seriously considering tossing his beret in the ring for a run at David Vitter's Senate seat.

As an African-American, a Republican, a military veteran, and one of the few people seen positively with respect to the Katrina debacle, Honore could give Vitter fits in the Bayou state.

And I think he could beat Democrat Charlie Melancon as bad, or worse than Vitter can. Melancon has aparrently been sucking Team Hopenchange's hind teat up there in DC, and no matter what Charlie says to the contrary, in this climate that will be like swimming with a 1,000-pound (or 1,000-page) weight around his neck. Barring Obama walking on water, raising the dead, or showing us a government program that is both quality and affordable, Melancon and the Democrats don't have a hope in K Street of capturing Vitter's seat.

But Vitter is vulnerable as well from within the GOP. Vitter is part of the bozo GOP that lost us the Senate, the House, and the White House - and still haven't figured out what to do about it or craft an effective counter to the Obama agenda. (The one thing they are doing is trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement as their own. Ain't happening.) Us rank-and-file Republicans ain't too happy about our leadership right now. (Which is mostly why the Tea Party movement exists...) Vitter also has that past problem about keeping it in his pants. Will it become an issue? Depends.

If General Honore runs, I think he has a serious chance. But Louisiana will need to see more of his positions and views before we can say for certain. We will need to see if he is still a solutions man, who will respect the Constitution - or just another GOP visionless reactionary.

UPDATE: The General... has a webiste.


James H said...

I agree with on Honre he could be a serious threat. I would be tempting to vote for him.

I am not sure Vitter is trying to Coop the Tea party movement. In case showing up at events he is invited too and listening to concerns is co opting. WHich brings up a problem I have with the tea party movement in some ways. Rage is fine but a good bit of this seems misdirected. When a Senator (like the Senator of Texas that got booed to a event he was invited) there is a problem. Especially when on 80 percent of issues he votes on how they want him too.

So if there is fault it might be a tad on both sides

James H said...

I should note that of course the tea party movement differs from place to place. SO I am not trying to paint with a broad brush.

The said...

Plus, I'm not sure David has figured out that his zipper has an "up" position...I'm just sayin.