03 July 2010

David Duke Should Become A Democrat.

He'd do very well over there:
When we observe that no Republican could hope to have his biography re-written to transmute bitter racism into championship service in the cause of civil rights, we aren’t merely clucking our tongues at the unfairness of partisan dirty pool. We’re watching one of the supreme moral judgments of our society become another sharp fang in the jaws of the leviathan State. Few indictments in our culture are more devastating than the charge of racism… and this charge is applied, or neutralized, almost entirely on the basis of the target’s usefulness to the State.

The Democrat Party represents the State (and is increasingly disinterested in representing anyone else.) The life and death of Robert Byrd demonstrate that loyalty to the Party and its agenda provide total inoculation against offenses which are completely inexcusable for the rest of us. As we saw in the aftermath of Ted Kennedy’s death, faith in the State leads to miracles of moral transformation. It is beneath the dignity of free people to accept such privileges for an aristocracy which judges them morally unfit to control their own lives.
That last sentence is the reason the Tea Party Movement exists. And will prevail.

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