25 March 2009

A Troll. In The Flesh.

Much has been written recently about the "buyers remorse" some elites are feeling with Team Obama, but tonight I got to witness first-hand a show of "buyers anger" by a true-believer, venting because "change" isn't happening fast enough for him.

In Cabela's tonight (yes, Cabela's) to pick up an order, I got into a conversation with a lady at the counter about the empty shelves in the firearms department, our new President's stand on the Second Amendment, and upcoming gun control measures that worried her. Just then a man who was also at the counter - 60-ish, pudgy, with what remained of his white hair in a rat-tail - started shouting about how it was Republican George Bush who ruined our country, how Republicans like me were responsible, and how people like me were at fault for Obama not being able to fix our problems. And, ooooh, he was tired of it! I replied that we were discussing the Second Amendment, not Bush or economics, and I wasn't a Right-wing Republican. But our geriatric hippie wasn't having any of that. He came over and started poking me with his finger as he continued his rant of frustratation, as if proximity and physical contact made his argument more persuasive. I... left.

So, to that temperamental ex-flower child, please know that your objection and your anger are noted. But since dissent is patriotic, get used to it.


Rick67 said...

You're a better man than I am. Not sure how I would handle such an ill-mannered lout. Which Cabela's is this? By Gonzales?

.....CLIFFORD said...

Better man? I don't know about that. I guess he wanted to get me riled up - I just didn't oblige. I didn't want him to think he was worth it. Yes, it was the Gonzales store.